Ilka Gansera-Leveque

Ilka Gansera-Leveque

The only female racehorse trainer in the UK to also be a qualified veterinarian, Ilka’s story is unique and varied. A native of Germany, Ilka’s knowledge was built on solid foundations with champion trainer Bruno Schuetz where she was an apprentice jockey for three years. Keen to further her understanding beside race riding, Ilka embarked to the USA to spend a year with renowned horseman and join up practitioner Monty Roberts at Flag Is Up Farm in California, deepening her knowledge of true horsemanship.

While practical experience is often a necessity in the daily training of horses, Ilka went through the academic rigours of Veterinary School and graduated in April 2009 from University Of Hannover. Ilka’s first experience of Newmarket came shortly after graduation. She worked at Rossdale Veterinary Surgens after being a fully qualified vet. The experience Ilka amassed at Rossdales and elsewhere gave her the confidence to start her own venture: Gansera-Lévêque Equine Services. Ilka successfully completed her British Trainer’s Course in 2012.

Ilka is a member of the Royal College Of Veterinary Surgeons, and uses her varied experience and different perspectives to be a racehorse trainer determined to do what is best for the horse to maximise wellbeing and therefore enduring success.

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London (GER)
Filly, 2 yrs
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